Saturday, May 14, 2011

A few Common Mistakes about Hereward Carrington

When my biography on Hereward Carrington comes out it will clearly be shown.

Hereward did not go to William Penn College.

Hereward did not settle in Boston except the brief period he stayed with the Crandon's while studying the medium Margery, known as Mina Crandon.

Hereward came to the USA when he was 8 years old and was here for years before returning to Britain to attend prep school. So 1899 was not the year he emigrated but only the year he returned to the USA.

Hereward's mother was born in Buffalo, NY to British parents.

These are some corrections to some of the many mistakes repeated about Hereward Carrington, there are more. I don't know why some people started some of these incorrect claims about Carrington. Also, a problem with the internet is once some wrong infomation gets posted other people start to pick up on it and use it.


  1. Are you still working on the book? Any updates? Wish you were active on twitter. You sound like a fascinating guy.

  2. Still working on the book. I want to stop my research and go with what I have - I enjoy the research though.