Saturday, August 24, 2013

An appeal to those with Hereward Carrington material

An Appeal to those who know.

If you have Hereward Carrington material such as letters, contracts and his journals, please consider contacting me. I know someone in Los Angeles knew Marie Carrington and has perhaps the lost journals of Hereward Carrington among other things. A few others have some nice material I would like to know more about.

I believe Carrington’s journals still exist in Los Angeles California but they are beyond my reach with no likely permission to read them. Carrington kept a journal of his experiences for each year for over 50 years – his 3rd wife felt they were the most important part of Carrington’s writings. Carrington himself in his final years despaired that his life and writings might be lost. Marie tried to help him and when she died most of Carrington's writings and collection were in her home and still intact after all these years. Much of it is sold and gone now to a thousand different people but the journals in particular are important to a complete picture of this fellows fascinating life.

No, I won't give out any names of people connected or having Carrington material. That is their business unless they wish to be known.

Thanks, Steve Rivkin -Research Psychologist


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