Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hereward Carrington's Estate collection

Here is half of Hereward's spirit cabinet curtain. There were two halves and each half had a skull at the top. The curtain was set up in the corner of a room with some rods and a rope or line running through and across the top. I have half and a London collector got the other half. Hereward was giving demonstrations of seance trickery by 1909 and likely already had such a curtain handy for the various psychics and mediums he lectured about and allowed to present their demonstations of their "abilities." A spirit cabinet is any separated enclosed area and the spirit curtain was an old common way of setting up such an area. I am not sure of the age of this one he was using but it is very old. Who knows what famous mediums may have used it when Hereward lectured. Hereward's estate collection came up for sale in the late 1990's and thousands of items were sold over the next ten years that had once been his. The bulk of the material was his book collection but a considerable amount of other interesting items were sold too.

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