Monday, February 8, 2010

Hereward in the 1950's

Hereward continues to write which was always a main component of his work. With help sometimes from Marie, he is trying hard to get network interest in a television series based on his investigations. He is supplying old articles for another series to turn into scripts but he would like his own series. He makes a guest appearance on "You bet your life" and "You asked for it." He appears frail and a decade older than his age, his hand shakes a little and his boyish face is gone as his health problems have taken their toll on him. His interest in film and radio goes back to his early days. He wrote the story outline for the silent movie occult thriller, "The Mysteries of Myra," released in 1916. He was also the consultant on the film. This film is claimed by various writers to be the first all occult supernatural thriller film. Later he had a radio show called "Who Knows." I have another silent film short treatment he did called Zenobia, about an Egyptian princess returned to life by a supernatural spell. It was never produced to my knowledge and also has a 1916 date. Hereward did write some fiction stories which are not easy to track down because he didn't always use his own name but pen names. He was likely influenced or a fan of fantasy and occult fiction from his days as an asst. editor at Street and Smith publications, who published many pulp magazines. On his appearnce on the TV show,"You asked for it," he does a brief exposure of seance trickery in his film segment.

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